Maui, HI Gold Buying Store

Gold Sistahs

When you come to the Gold Sistahs, we greet you like a friend. You’ll be ushered through our door with true “Ohana” (family) Spirit and
into the comfortable, relaxing atmosphere of our “Gold Mine.” We care about you!

You can also earn additional money by hosting a gold-buying party at your home! Or you can host a gold party in our newly designed store! You’ll be sharing the wealth with your family and friends, while earning 10% of everything we buy at your party. Ask us about more bonuses available for hosting a gold party.

Make the “Gold Sistahs” Your choice when…

  • You are wondering what to do with your unwanted gold & silver jewelry.
  • You realize that your children will never wear the jewelry that you are saving.
  • You need immediate cash.
  • You need closure.
  • You are simplifying your life.

Get to Know Gold Sistahs:

  • Gold Buying – We buy unwanted, unused, or broken jewelry – Gold, silver, platinum, coins, and dental gold. Upfront testing and weighing; relaxed and friendly atmosphere; no pressure; VERY generous!
  • Gold Buying Parties – Earn 10% of everything paid out at your gold party with your family and friends.  Make $100 extra for hosting parties of 10 or more!  You and your friends will love it!
  • Gold Buying Fundraisers – Earn up to 15% of everything we buy for your non-profit organization(s).
  • Gold Buying Testimonials – Learn how gold buying can change your life.
  • About Us – Learn what sets us apart from your typical gold buyer.

You’ll be taken care of by the “Gold Sistahs,” who are from the islands, whose children attend school here, who patronize locally, and who are here to stay!

Come to Gold Sistahs today for a SAFE gold buying experience that will bring you joy as well as an extra jingle in your pockets!



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